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Gears Not Selecting


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Hi everyone long time no see how is everyone.

Got a problem with my beloverd little fiesta 51 plate 1.3i. Yesterday all was fine until i taxi pulled out in front of me which caused me to slam on has if kept on going after blowing the horn i floored it in 1st gear to get away.

After i done that car felt i bit strange i found it juddering when takeing off in first gear and very hard to select 3rd gear. Now with the engine off goes through all the gears nice and smooth it's just when the engine is on can be a pain.

The car just has over 100,000 miles on it so i am wondering what the problem could be.


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sounds like the clutch may be a problem, you would have slammed your foot down to disengage the clutch naturally, but perhaps the spring is now in need of replacing, or perhaps the clutch thrust bearing is now done for...

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