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Noisy Tyres

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Hi I recently bought a 2009 Fiesta tdci zetec s. It's got the original 17 inch alloys with low profile tyres, (not makes I recognise). It drives lovely but has this annoying humming sound, (sounds more dramatic on smoother road surfaces and higher speed and at very low speed). I took it back to the garage where I bought it from and they had it for nearly a week looking at and testing various things to find the problem. They came back saying that it's the low profile tyres and because they are a cheap make. They went on to say that they tried another set of wheels and it didn't make the noise. So when I purchase new tyres I should get a better make. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?? It's under warranty for a year from mechanical faults and only 3 months with all other things.

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Hello and welcome to the forum

Tyre make can make a big difference to the noise, wider, lower profile tyres tend to be noisier with a harsher ride pressures can have an effect too

I used to run Michelins, they were quite noisy, after i switched to good-year they were a lot quieter, tyre manufactures change their designs all the time and its worth doing some research (online group tests etc) to find the quietest ones available at the moment

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Hankooks are what came on standard, Ventus Prime's, the facelift's have Continental ContiPremiumContacts on, which are alright and have a decent kerb protection. Best sticking to a decent brand though, you get what you pay for with cheaper tyres.

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I found this link -


After recommending the good years its good to read -

"The main advantage the Goodyear has is a combination of high-traction and an enviable level of comfort. >>>The car rolled silently down the road<<<, and glided over joints of asphalt. When combined with the shortest braking distance on wet roads, and excellent resistance to aquaplaning you have a winner"

The goodyear eagle F1 asymetric 2 is not a cheap tyre though

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