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Stone Chip Caused This?


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Hi all,

I own a 2010 Ford Focus Zetec S in white. Just noticed this the other day on the rear wheel arch passenger side. I took it to my local ford dealer as im sure this would come under the guarantee???

He told me that it will need to be inspected because to him it looks like a stone chip that has caused it and if that's the case then I will not be covered.

Just wondered what anyone's opinion is and if i'm not covered how much am I looking at paying to sort it?




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Hi mate i have the exact same thing happen on my mk2.5 zetec S 2010!! They are chancers!

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Ive same problem on both sides of my 2008 focus, ford wouldn't cover it sayin it was wear and tear when clearly its due to the bumper rubbing off quarter panel

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So far on my 2010 5 door ZS no rust. It does have some very uneven paint on the corners/edges though.

Looking at the pics, your panels seems closer than mine, uneven panel gaps suggest impacts!




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same on the mk2 5 door i used a touch up kit to fix it then bought helicopter film to protect the areas

Having the same problem on both sides on my 2005 MK2. "helicopter film" is a clear film? I believe I have some 3M clear film somewhere. I just used touch up kit last year - but it have come back again.


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