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Bleeding Problem


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hi all,my problem concerns a bleeding problem namely my clutch.the other day i lost all pressure on my clutch pedal so i decided to first bleed the clutch,it had happened a week or so before too but the clutch came back however this time it did'nt.so anyway i started bleeding the clutch and there was plenty of air coming through BUT i rounded the bleed nipple nut off!ive rang the ford dealers up and apparently they dont list a clutch bleed nipple as a seperate part.my question is are they just a general bleed nipple?are the the same as the nipple on the brakes etc or do i need to go to the scrappy?any input would be really helpful.thanx.pete(sorry forgot to say its a 1999 focus 1.8 v tech)

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It's a pretty standard bleed nipple but I think you'd probably need the right one. You're wasting your time replacing the nipple though, you probably need a new cylinder. (which comes with a new nipple. One thing to check first though, check that the feed pipe to the cylinder does'nt have a hairline crack on it just where it plugs in. (very rare but can happen). Otherwise it's gearbox out and new cylinder in.

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