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Fuel Filter Location

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Hi all Can anyone tell me where the fuel fi lter is situated on a 2003 fusion 1.4 tdci and if its an easy job Thanks in advance

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Fairly simpel, just follow the numbers on the picture.

Rule number one: make sure thearea around the couplings is clean, you don't want anything working it's way into a fuel line, otherwise you might get more troubles afterwards!

Ford says you have to relief the fuel pressure first, i didn't do that and nothing happend when i diconnected the fuellines. As a precaution i did wrap a piece of cloth around the first quick release coupling i disconnected just in case.

If you do want to release the fuelpressure first, remove the fuel relay (don't know which one it is), start the engine and when it won't start or when it stalls you're good to go.

1: Disconnect the fuel return line, its a quick release coupling, just puss the two sides inward and gently pull.

2: Remove the 2 screws on top of the fuelfilter and remove the shield.

3: Disconnect the fuel filter to fuelpump line, again, a quick coupling.

4: Disconnect the fuel supply line at the back of the filterhousing, it's a bit hidden away but when you look closely you will see it.

Again also a quick coupling.

5: Remove the screw of the airintake so the airintake hose can ga down a bit, you can also remove it but it's a bit tricky because

you don't have much room. The hose is just clicked in at the front and the rear, especially the rear is a bit rotten to get to.

6: Remove the filter retaining screw, you can't see it on the picture but in your own car you will see it at the left middle of the filter.

7: Now you can remove the fuelfilter by turning it anti clockwise en lifting it up. Be careful! You will still need to disconnect the

electrical connector on the bottom of the filter, it powers the fuel heater which is screwed into the filterhousing.

8: With a new filter, just do all the steps in reverse. If your new filter doesn't have a heater installed just remove the heater from the old

one and put that one in the new filter. Look closely at the O-ring, if it's worn, replace it. Luckely my new filter had a new heater


Ford says you have to prime the filter with a handpump, i didn't do that. I just filled the filter on forehand with a big syringe, just keep the filter level after you've done that!

The car started immediately after i changed the filter and i had no trouble with air in the fuel lines.

(Picture is from a Fiesta but the engines are identical.


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