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I am about to buy myself yet another Fiesta for my son. Its 2 years old and a snatched back finance car. Its all ok, no outstanding finance etc and the AA say its a good buy for the money. The problem is that it has no service history (no stamped book).

I suppose these books can get lost, so, Does anyone know if I can purchase a new book and start from scratch with a Ford service. Its only got 19K on the clock. I see these books are sold on eBay, but is it as easy as that to start a service record.

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you can easily buy a new service book, Ford will sell them at a rate, but have a look on eBay, you can often buy them brand new on there, I had the same situation with my CMAX, no manual or service history, quick search on eBay and less than a tenner lighter and I have both!

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Yeah, call the local dealer groups and they tend to have there systems networked, so for example, if I call my local Ford Dealer, they can see all dagenham motors, polar ford and some SMC ford, and could tell me that my vehicle hadnt been serviced with them...

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