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1998 Ford Fiesta - Engine Oil


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I have a 1998 Ford Fiesta Encore Mk4, all I'm trying to do is simply top up my engine oil, for the life of me I can't seem to get the cap off though to do this.

Can anyone advise how this is done? Pictures attached of how it is set up.




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Hello and welcome to the forum!

The whole plastic part (on top of the metal cam cover) comes off - try twisting it anti- clockwise and pulling hard (not too hard) at the same time

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prone to sticking, have seen these draw blood when given too much of a pull, quite funny so long as its not you doing the pulling ;)

give it a generous squirt of wd40 where it enters the rocker cover then as said previously, give it a twist and pull

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Thanks for the replies.

So trying to prise the thin cap off was the completely wrong thing to do, no wonder I wasn't getting anywhere! I'll give the suggestions above a go and will no doubt be back here if I still have no success.

Thanks! :)

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