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My indicators aren't working bulbs are all a-okay.... went through owners manual cover to cover and can't find which of the fuses & relays are for the direction indicators.... anyone shed any light?? can't even find it online now got conspiracy theories running through my head lol #firstfordnotahappybunny

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ok so when you click the indicator stalk up or down, do you hear a click at all?

what happens if you hit the hazard lights?

do you hear any noise from the passenger footwell?

as seanW said. we need more info to help more :)

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no unusal sounds from footwell relays and fuses in engine compartment seem all to be okay the hazards do nada as well as the indicator lever the bulbs are all okay. I've being trying to find the placement of the direction indicator relay o as to rplace it. but no having any luck with owners manual or online!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasse fml lol I need my car!!!!

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ok so the fact that the hazards dont work either shows it is an issue in wiring or relay. The indicator relay is in the footwell, but I cant remember which it is, however if you have a haynes manual (or can buy one) I believe its in there.

You may need to swap relays to see if the fault is relay related, but start off by dropping the fusebox down from the passenger footwell, and unplug then replug everything thoroughly and try again. my indicators washers and lights went and thats because the central wire bundle worked its way loose... resecuring it resolved the issue.

EDIT: Nope... my bad... I just remembered there is no indicator relay... the relay is based on the GEM system, so there is no relay to unplug or plug in, so check the wiring in the fusebox first, then the fuses for both sides...

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Nice try Sal, but that's the MK2 fuses ;)

Try this linky instead-


However indicators aren't listed amongst the fuses so as stated earlier it will probably be a gem error rather than fuses.

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Focus Mk2.5 Indicator Schematic

I've truncated the Hazard and Turn diagram from the Mk2.5 wiring diagram and colour coded the paths (wires) to/from the relevant parts.
  • Blue is the trigger feed for RIGHT turns. (Real wire colour is Black/Blue)
  • Yellow is the trigger feed for LEFT turns. (Real wire colour is Black/Yellow)
  • Orange is the trigger feed for the HAZARDs. (Real wire colour is Black/Orange)
  • Red is the uncontrolled power feed to the Ignition Switch and the Passenger Junction Box.
  • Green is the controlled power feed from the Ignition Switch to the Passenger Junction Box.
  • Light Blue is the RIGHT Turn output from the Passenger Junction Box.
  • Light Red is the LEFT Turn output from the Passenger Junction Box.

The only fuses I can find that would affect both Hazards and Indicators are F3 (60A) and F11 (20A) both of which are in the Front Junction Box (a.k.a. Engine Bay Fusebox).

  • If F11 had blown the most (if not all) ignition controlled items would fail; this would include not being able to start the car.
  • If F3 had blown then most (if not all) items that are controlled by the Passenger Junction Box (a.k.a. Passenger Fuse Box) would not work.
I have been unable to identify (as it doesn't have a full pinout drawing in the wiring digram) which one of the connectors blocks in the Passenger Junction Box is C103, but it does have at least 31 potential (not all of them may be used) connection points and will have the Black/Blue, Black/Yellow and Black/Orange wires in it. Note that these three wires probably have an outside diameter of about 1mm.
Since neither Hazards or Indictors work then there are four potential cuprits (in order of suspicion) :-
  1. Connector C103 which plugs into the Passenger Juntion Box (a.k.a. Passenger Fusebox).
    Outlined in Magenta near the centre of the above diagram.
  2. The common ground point for both the Hazards and Indicators is as circled on the bottom right;
    namely Ground Point 7 (drivers door pillar) which is probably behind the kick panel or under the
    plastic trim hiding the edge of the carpet along the sill.
    Outlined in Magenta in the bottom right corner of the above diagram.
  3. The Passenger Junction Box itself.
    Can't miss it "PJB PARTIAL" bang in the ctre of the above diagram.
  4. All the indicators bulbs have simultaneosuly gone at once.
  5. The main harness has thrown a triple wobbly or maybe a double six.

If you don't fancy the DIY options below then either get a good Auto-Electrician or your favourite trusted garage to have a good look.

DIY Course of action :-

  1. Disconnect the battery; make sure you have your radio code first !
  2. Check that both F3 and F11 in the FJB (engine bay fusebox) are okay.

  3. The 900 to 1 rank outsider - All the indicator lamps have blown simultaneously, but do check at least some of them.
    If it is this check your lottery/premium bond numbers pronto :)
  4. Check all the connectors on the Passenger Fusebox are secure particularly C103; unlatch and relatch each connector in turn.
  5. Check Ground Point 7 is in good contact with the body.
    If the Heated Window switch illumination, instrument cluster and immobiliser key code (a.k.a. PATS) module are still working then it's unlikely to be this as they also use GP7 too.
  6. If it is the P.J.B. (Passenger Fusebox) that's gone belly up then a visit to the scrappies or eBay might be in order.
    I seem to recall reading (but cant' find the reference) that the Passenger Junction Boxes vary according to what options (e.g. Heated Front Screen, Powerfold Mirrors etc.) the vehicle was originally built with; so it could require a bit of luck when locating a suitable replacement unit.
  7. If the main harness has gone funny then it will be "interesting".
    I sincerely hope it's not this as it would be a real so-and-so to change and wouldn't be cheap either.

My personal guesses are C103, one of the other P.J.B. connectors being loose or GP7.

Good luck and hope that helps (rather than confuse).


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