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Fiesta Mk7 Rear Wheel Bearing, Help Appreciated!


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On monday an idiot driving with no insurance crashed into me he hit me from the rear quarter going way to fast, his car was a write of as he bounced off me and into a barrier! Glad no one was hurt though!

Didnt want to go through my insurance or the MIB because I know a body shop very well and done work is the past so it repairing it for me for only £200. Should hopefully be getting it back tomorrow!

Anyway the problem I have is that the Rear wheel almost looks cambered a little bit the tracking has come back at -1.18 the mechanic said he cant see anything obvious wrong however I have since researched and looked about, and friend said it could be a rear wheel bearing or something. I know a mechanic who will do it for me when hes home just wondering if anyone has had this problem or known problem..

The car drives fine (no shaking or anything), its not a massive problem just dont want to wear the tires out to quickly!

Any help would be more than appreciated!

Thanks, Jack :)

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To be honest, I don't think it will be the bearing. It's more likely to be that something has been bent or pushed out of alignment

Ok thanks! Ill have to get my friend to have a look at it, guessing it should be able to be aligned back up! Fingers crossed!

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Won't be the bearing unless there is loads of play in it. More likely that he's hit your wheel as well and could have bent your stub axle (bit the wheel bearing sits on) or even bent the axle. Best bet is to get a 4 wheel alignment check done and check the camber for that wheel

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