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Focus 2005 1.6 Zetec Climate?-Pointers About Buying


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Dear All,

I am a newbie to and to buying a Focus, please bear with me!.

I have seen the above car for sale,normally a focus would not catch my eye but this has!.Its for sale at a local dealer,detailed as 92k,service history, mot jan 2014 looks really clean inside and out (have not been to see,going today!).It is also taxed.

I have done a free car check-ok,also paid for a mycarcheck-comes out with no scaries,its up for £1950 is this about right?, have checked on wisebuyer which shows this year and model being quite alot higher in price.Maybe the seller is just being realistic???.Have checked autotrader and it seems about right compared to others being sold!.

Is there anything I should be looking for when inspecting the car,apart from the obvious used car checks?

I know the price is mere pence for some, but for me its a big investment ie for longterm reliabilty etc and I dont want to but a heap of crap!

I hope you guys take time to read this and can provide some pointers that would be great!



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Yes, check the spark plugs as sucofdrof says as if it is full of water the plugs can get stuck leaving an expensive repair. You can check for errors and test the dials and dashboard lights by holding down the set button on the indicator stalk and turning the key to ignition on (dont need to start the car) and then release the button. You can cycle through the tests by pressing the same button. Look for dtc errors - hopefully you'll have none recorded. Do this after you have test driven it in case it has been cleared before viewing.

Other than that just normal checks, check the clutch is ok and doesn't slip and gears go in fine including reverse. Also check condition of brake pads and tyres and listen out for any strange noises while driving. Check if cambelt is changed as it is every 100000 although some get it changed earlier for piece of mind.

Good luck with the car hunting!

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and when you get in it ..twiddle every knob and switch .. make sure the aircons blasting icy cold and the front screens work ..test drive ..give it full locks and listen for funny noises

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Check if its the 100bhp or the 115 bhp ti vct the ti vct cam may be faulty needing replacement get it warm and have it idle check for vibrations or misses make sure the aircon works and blows cold pull out number 1 and 2 spark plug leads and look in are they rusty if so have the dealer remove the plugs to make sure they arent jammed ask about the rear bushes if they're gone expect to pay 300 upwards and find out if it had a timing belt kit done ignore the 100k rubbish if its not done thats another £300 plus check the boot and under the soare wheel for water from leaks and check the keys work the central locking

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