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Hello From A Newb, Bluetooth Query...


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Hey guys. I've just bought myself a Ford Focus 2008 with a Sony DAB CD radio (not the 6 disk changer). I've checked ETIS and it does say I have bluetooth control etc. The radio control stalk has the 'Voice' button but nothing happens when I push it. Also when I push the phone button on the radio it mutes but nothing else. There is no bluetooth option on the menu. I've been told I can reset the bluetooth unit but I'm having trouble locating it. I've taken the panels off in the footwell but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

Any ideas where is it?


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You want to be looking for a module like this-


It should be tucked up behind the removable panel to the left of the drivers footwell but will be pushed quite well forward.

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Took ages to find my BT module, it was on a bracket beneath the passenger airbag and above the glovebox; because of that I couldn't reach the cable lock tag :censored:

Coupled with that it was mounted upside-down so the torx screw head was facing the bottom of the airbag.

To get it it out I had to tape a torx-bit to a tiny spanner and undo it 1/6th of turn at a time and of course it wasn't a short bolt either :cry:

Left it disconnected for about 30mins after which it worked; I put it back the other way up (or should that be down ?) so I could get the screw out easier next time.

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