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Can Someone Advise Me On An 08 Fiesta 1.4 Tdci That Im Possibly Buying?


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Hi guys,

I'm looking at buying an 08 plate fiesta 1.4 tdci from a local garage, but when I had a look at the engine bay there appears to be part of it that is quite oily. Im not really sure what it is, to me it looks like the pipe going into the turbo? The reason I noticed it was because when the car was moved I noticed a small drop on the floor from where it was parked (smaller than a 5p).

Anyway I've taken a few pics.....can anyone advise please??

Is this something quite common on most diesel engines?







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Only if its badly maintained, walk away and find another car.

Buy a 1.6 TDCi if you want a diesel.

I agree on both points. I had a 1.6 TDCI and it was very good.

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There are countless immaculate Fiestas of that age around, if there are any niggles that can potentially turn in to a disaster, keep looking.

Having said that, my 1999 Fiesta I had was the first car I looked at, was falling apart and did 20000 miles in 6 months without even a sputter, although it was only a Finesse so there really wasn't much that could go wrong. Different era now.

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