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Marks On B Pillar


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Hoping you guys can help me here.

Over the last few weeks, mainly when it's been sunny ive noticed lots of fingerprint marks on the b pillar.

I know it will be makeup off the girlfriend or sister. I'll be having works with them for sure!

When I have washed it recently the marks have stayed there, does anyone know what I could get that would remove it?


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Thanks, quick google seem to be able to get a bottle for a few quid.

So probably just a little bit on a cloth should get it off?

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Yeah I can imagine!

I'm proper watching them when they get in / out of the car now haha

I order a bottle of methylated spirits off eBay, but I'm sure I have some polish in the house too. Will try polish first then if that doesn't work ill use the other stuff.

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External, still alright to use the stuff then?

Like when they shut the door that's how the marks get there

Yeah it'll still be fine

As said peanut butter also works

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Wouldn't have thought of peanut butter like!

I'll be washing the car on the weekend when I'm back home so ill be trying all three methods to get the stuff off.

Thanks for the advice!

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The methylated spirits came today so I had to give it a try.

It's not a successful as I thought it would be. Spent about 15 mins try to get it off and it just reduced it a little, the marks are still there.

I will try with the polish at the weekend

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