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Ford Sync (Powered By Microsoft?) Phone Compatibility

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Perhaps the Ford website is wrong, or perhaps Ford Sync is no longer powered by Microsoft, but I've checked the website for the compatibility of my Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8) against the new Ford Sync that you get with new cars, and it says all is compatible apart from 'Incoming Text Message Alert' and 'Replying/Sending Message'.

Has anybody had any experience linking their windows phone to Ford Sync? SURELY everything should be compatible.

Also, does anyone know why the diversity between phones is so vast? I've compared numerous Android phones from same/different makes, same/different OS versions, and can't make any sense of it. Some Android 4.0 phones have more compatible than other Android 4.0 phones of the same make (HTC, LG, Samsung). The only phones that seem to be fully compatible is some Blackberry's which doesn't make a huge amount of sense for me.

Source: http://www.ford.co.uk/experience-ford/Technology/MobileCompatibility

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A Nokia 920 does work, but not the way that Ford intended.

If you change the Speech settings to turn on Use Speech when the phone is locked, Play Audio confirmations, Enable Speech Recognition Service and set the Read incoming text messages aloud to bluetooth and headsets - you will get prompts to listen, dictate and reply to text messages, without having to push any button on the stereo.

Works very well on my Titanium X. I believe that IPhones can also do something similar from IOS6.

The Ford UK compatibility site is well out of date - December 2012.

Some Android phones work if they support bluetooth Message Access Profile.

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Excellent, thanks, bit of a workaround but will see how I get on when I pick it up on Thursday/Friday!

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