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Audio Issue (Crackling)

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Alright fellas,

Right ive been having an issue with my stereo standard (cd6000) there has been several problems in the past but this by far has annoyed me the most annoying.

First it was the Speakers were not loud enough, that seemed to go away after a little while then the volume button stopped lighting up when i put key in the ignition or turn the car on (not sure if it only lights up when the lights are turned on but i think it used to light up even when the lights were off, could someone clear this up please) around the time this happened only the drivers side front speaker and passengers side rear Speakers stopped working so decided to dig deeper. turns out the rear pass side speaker had blow so changed that but still not working.

So i bypassed the wiring to the front pass and rear drivers side Speakers and now they are working but i created an even bigger problem.

Now anytime the volumes goes over 13/14 all the Speakers start to crackle and the volume for the drivers side front speaker is really really low and its driving me bananas!!!!! :( :unsure::wacko:

My question is, has anyone run into this problem before and is it a problem with my wiring or the actual stereo or something different? any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I'd be tracing the wires and checking for cracks/breaks in the wires 1st, then check the ISO loom on the back of the unit to eliminate that.

I don't spose you've got another unit you could wire up to check if it makes a difference?

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ive just been too busy to try and trace the wiring if im quite honest, i was hoping someone would come up with a better option for me :( i will try and do that tomorrow to see if there is any obvious damage to the wires.

forgot to mention that this problem mostly well only always happens when the engine is running???? u can hardly hear the crackling if any when the engine is off???

any other ideas guys?

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Right guys still no luck with this issue unfortunately :huh:

I took the seats out and pulled the carpet up, wires all seem to ok

Checked and cleaned the aerial cable was a bit of rust there

Ive also fitted an anti static strip but no joy

Upon checking the ISO loom i decided to check all the wirring from behind the connector and it seems there is no sound coming out of the back of the stereo for two Speakers so im starting to think the problem might be with headunit itself not the wiring.

But the last thing i want to do is buy a new one just for the problem to continue.

After i done all that i turn ignition on, the music plays fine with no cracking the i turn engine on and when the music comes on and the music plays fine for about two seconds then the sound goes down and the crackling starts (even though the volume is still the same all i've done is turn the engine on)

I read somewhere that this might be caused by engine vibrations something to do with the alternator and or HT leads can someone confirm that please and i have already checked the alternator wires and ground and they seem fine.

Any help much appreciated!

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Sounds like the Speakers have blown my rear one did this with the crackling also how did you bypass the non working Speakers if youve wired them to the working ones that won't work

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What are the chances that all the Speakers have blown? And if its just the one speaker thats blown would it cause the rest of the Speakers to crackle? And if its a blown speaker/s why doesnt it crackle when the engine is not running?

Sorry mate if it seems like i am questioning your knowledge, im just so confused and annoyed with this ongoing problem.

so when your rear speaker blew, did it cause the rest of the Speakers to crackle?

Well when i pulled the carpet out i disconnected the bypassing cables so that i could check the sound from the back of the headunit.

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Right so i think i have managed to sort this audio issue out, thanks everyone for the info.

So i took the car to the local audio place and he assured me it was the Speakers that had blown. He said they could fix the issue and it was 70£ for two Speakers and 150£ for four?! (Looked on internet and same Speakers where 35£ for two including delivery :o ) went to good old halfords and the audio guy there was just as bufled as me but at least he didn't try and sell me things i didn't actually need. So much to my disappointment i ended up buying two Speakers from halfords (for a lot less than what i had been qouted before) fitted them to the car (which was a pig of a job,thanks to the way FORD designed their Speakers <_< )

Tested the new Speakers and SAME &#33;Removed&#33; problem so i decided the problem was neither with the speaker nor the wiring but with the head unit instead but i did not want to buy a replacement until i was 100% sure so went back to halfords and bought a couple of audio connector leads, connected the Mrs old kenwood stereo to my car and what do you know all Speakers started working and no crackling when volume turned up or when engine was off or running :D

As i was about to bid on a replacement Sony head unit i decided to open my faulty head unit to see if i could see anything obvious, well i opened it and this is what i found post-37256-0-83894000-1374449797_thumb.jpost-37256-0-46799400-1374449879_thumb.j evidently something got fried big time but this is as far as i could open the thing, im guessing this is where the problem was!

So just for my amusement i started cleaning the fried contact and i thought i would see if i could reconnect it so i pushed the soldered contact back into the hole, didn't think it would hold but reconnected the head unit and eureka all Speakers working and no crackling B). Done this mid-afternoon today (Sunday) and touch wood its all been rosey since :D

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