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The New Boy, Ford Focus Zetec S


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Hi All,

Despite having owned my 5-door 2010 '60' Focus Zetec S for just over two years, I have only just stumbled across this forum today! Fascinating stuff, as I have only seen a handful of other Zetec S machines and never with any real modifications.

My motor is pretty much as it was when it arrived from Ford, with the only small modification being the standard red brake calipers and drums (torn as to whether the drums where a bit to far, but holding out at the moment). Although after browsing various threads for the past few hours, I can safely say I have had some divine inspiration!

So far the plan is looking to be, among other things, the following;

- New alloys, 18" ST already on order (two of my current ones have taken an absolute mullering after hitting a kerb in the rain, the air was rather blue when that happened!).

- Rub down and repaint calipers, possibly changing the colour to yellow or green (think Kawasaki, bit over the top?). Repaint the drums black.

- DMB gel badges, again picking up whatever colour theme I eventually decide for the calipers.

- Tinted rear windows.

- DRL's

- Gloss black grill, bonnet lip and any of the other plastic-fantastic front sections

- Up-rate lights, specifically the LED side lights.

Long term plans will probably include a new exhaust system, possibly powder coat the alloys black, lower the suspension (i've always thought the front of the Zetec S looks to high off the ground, is that just me?) and other bits a pieces.

Would welcome your thoughts, comments, advice and ideas! Will keep you all updated on progress.


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Welcome :-)

Nice nice nice car !

Get going with the mods mate it's really addictive though be careful :-P

Take a look through the projects and builds mate you will get a lot of inspiration there !

Looking forward to seeing your car with all you future plans !

You mentioned you think the front end looks high off the ground , why not purchase a front splitter..? Take a look at Lenny's thread to check on out ! His car is most of ours ultimate goal :-P so defo take a look anyway !!

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