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Focus Zetec S With Red S Badge


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I will be looking to buy either a petrol 180ps or 163 diesel Zetec S in the near future, and stumbled on a site, shows one with an Irish registration and the red S badge on the rear in place of the Econetic badge. The car being reported on also had the disc calipers in red (car was white). Just wondering are these options if car is bought in southern Ireland only or is it also available in UK. I have link to site but don't think i can post it here.

Thanks guys to all those that post on here, very informative site.

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the red 's' badge only comes on the side wings as standard from the dealer, but some dont even come with that anymore...the badge has been put on buy the owner i believe like mine 549dae03-7c30-495c-b28d-880319e07212_zps

and with the brake calipers, i've never heard of that being an option so was probably done by the owner... but not 100% sure i might be proven wrong..

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Hi alkyz

Thanks for the reply, the one i have seen is the new shape focus and was on a website, where they were doing a test drive, but with southern ireland registration. This was a motoring organisation (similar to topgear and autoexpress) describing the new zetec S and what it came with - with a demo car.


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