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Lumpy Tickover?

Nicholas Hughes

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Hello all :)

Got a problem with my '99 Mk1 1.8 Zetec focus, Happened overnight, car was running fine,came to a junction and all of a sudden,it starts sounding like a diesel! :huh:

The tickover is very lumpy and erratic,sometimes racing to over 1000rpm then dropping till it allmost conks out! :o

Took it to local garage chap who plugged in diagnostics,certain codes came up indicating it was the induction side of things,specifically the 'Air flow meter' :wacko:

Anyhoo,that's been changed and,........its still doing it? :blink:

Sooooo any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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idle control valve or collapsed vacum hose at the rear of the throttle body if you look at the throttle body theres a hose with a bend in it that goes to the rear give the car a few revs and look at the hose it may collapse if so change that also check it for splits if thats fine the idle control valve may need replaced like many i had this issue with my mk1 it can be a frustrating time consuming thing to track down try those first failing that check the plugs are gapped at 1.0mm not 1.3 the leads and coil pack may need replaced a common issue a clogged or weak spring in the pcv valve

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