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Best Tyres For A Fiesta Zetec S Tdci


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I have just changed two of my front tyres to find out the garage have fitted the worng ones and now I can't take them back as I drove off without checking they were the right ones before leaving the garage...haha! And we trust these people.

But before I invest in some more 195/45/R16's can anyone recommend any??

I do around 9k- 12k per year mixed motorway and country roads.

Thanks :)

P.S. I'm new to this :)

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They are wrong in the fact the right brand but wrong model have been put on to match the rears but I'm willing to try something new :)

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If it was the garage who sold you the tyres id personally take your car back to them and complain that it was their mistake putting the wrong tyres on not yours and that you want them changed. They've got a duty of car to make sure the tyres they fit are safe in correspondance to other tyres that you already have fitted. They're the ones who are meant to know whats right and whats wrong for the car

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Welcome to the club Melissa, very nice car btw :)

I would say as long as they have fitted the correct type of tyres for the wheels & the vehicle then there shouldn't be a problem. Whether it was a Ford dealer, a franchise such as National Tyres or Kwik Fit, or a local garage, there should be no way they would fit tyres unsuitable for your car.

The fronts may not match the rears, but as long as the same tyres are on the same axle then they will be OK.

Not sure what tyres are on the 16" wheels, but I had 17" Bridgestone Potenza's on my old ZS TDCi. These were replaced like for like when I got new tyres.

What exactly is the difference between the old & new tyres?

As DanGersFord posted below, if they actually have fitted unsuitable tyres then it is their duty to replace them.

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