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Fitting A Standard Tailgate Spoiler


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Hi all, was just wondering if anyone could advise on how best to fit a mk6 (3door) oem standard zetec spoiler, I bought this stuff... http://bit.ly/1bytdVD

But I would like to also fit using the bolts(there are two threaded parts on the spoiler)

If someone could upload a pic of the securing bolts on the inside of the tailgate I would really appreciate any info or pointers


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I used a couple of screws either side and a bonding agent aswel (stuff called sikoflex) brilliant stuff. Ill take a pic of where my screws are :) I just used self tapping screws on mine. I can practically swing from my spoiler :P lol

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Cheers for the info dan, although you have already pm'd me a couple of pics of yours, but as its ready to fit now I noticed that there's two threaded holes in the spoiler, but near the middle(at either side of the gap for the brake light) mine is for a three door and yours is a five door, didn't realise before but there different so l guess the mounting positions are different too?

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