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It's Driving Me Insane!!...


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I've got a knocking/rattling noise coming from the back of my car and i need to find/fix it before it drives me crazy! I just took advantange of the free offer Ford have got on for the free wheel alignment and suspension check (everything came back ok..assuming they actually did anything) and so far i've checked..

Spare wheel and jack

Rear seat brackets

Door brackets

Boot lid and lock

Parcel Shelf

Rear wiper motor

Rear bumper

Any visible trim towards the back of the car

I've wiggled the exhaust (not much play)


Took all trim off inside the boot and nothing is where it shouldnt be and nothing moves

This noise only seems to happen at low speeds and going over uneven, poorly maintained roads and it sounds like it's coming from the boot area.. Going over a pot hole (which i don't normally do btw) and speed humps the noise isn't present, but going over road that's a bit 'dodgy' and the noise reappears and is quite loud and a bit metallicy.

Any ideas where else i could check?

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get a big bottle of water or something with decent weight and drop it in the boot. do you hear anything? if you do then youre not alone, as i will be finding out what that noise is when i get home from work :D

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most common is the heat shield underneath one of the holders corrode and it will rattle around usually right above the exhaust but if you get under to the rear anti roll bar and look up theres a small heat shield there as well that comes loose and will rattle like mad check the shield is all fully secure nad not rattling off the underbody or another piece of heat shield it should be worth noting the rear struts have a metal cylinder over them if you have a look that moves around abit and rattles

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Also rear brake pads,, mine did this, and I actually stripped out the rear suspension suspecting this to be the problem, before I finally found the pads to be the culprit..... Worth a check, and easy enough to sort.

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