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Mk2 Window Rattle


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I am new here so hi to everybody here on the forum.

I have had a 2008 1.8 Zetec Mk2 for about 8 months now, it is a low a mileage good condition car and I am generally very happy with it, however . . . recently it seems to have developed a rattle which seems to be coming from the driver’s door window. It’s not loud but as its only about six inches from my ear, very irritating. I have read that Focus’s are prone to window rattle, has anybody else encountered this and found a fix?


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if you lower the window does the rattle stay or go?

No, it makes no difference, also I'm now not even sure its coming from the drivers door, the more I listen the more it seems to be coming from the offside rear passenger door or offside rear passenger door window . . . its really difficult to tell, I've even sat in the back to listen with my girlfriend driving and I still can't tell :angry:

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