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How Do I Know What Parts Will Fit My Ford?


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I've just recently bought an 05 plate 1.25 ford fiesta style (3 door), and it needs a few parts repaired

My question is, how do I know what parts will fit, will parts from any fiesta fit? E.g. A fiesta Zetec part? Is there a number or code I should be entering when searching for parts?

This is my 2nd car my first was a corsa b and I know I had to just search for corsa b parts, so what should I be searching for with this?

Thanks for any help

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Most people will call it a MK6, best to go off the year though just in case.

Depending what parts you're after Zetec, Ghia parts etc should all fit as they're just higher spec trim levels.

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Should be a mk6 but could possibly a mk6.5 facelift like mine , if so parts are a bit more annoying for it ... As far as the jack goes I'd get a 1.5 or 2 tonne to be on the safe side, I use a 2 tonne

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