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Hi, I'm new to this and I have a problem with my standard Speakers sounding unbelievably rubbish!! All I wanted to know was, can I change the standard Speakers to upgraded ones and put a cone or padding behind it, so it doesn't sound like there going to break. I mostly want to change them because I love my music and I don't want to change my head unit so just want uprated Speakers for now.

Any advice on where I could get some speakers from not 6'' x 9''s as they won't fit without editing the car door (this is something I really don't want to do.)

Many thanks,


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Hello and welcome to the club!

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your Speakers, several forum members have done this already and i remember a thread about this (if i find it i will put a link up for you- it may have been for a Focus though) - its also possible someone has posted a thread on how to change the Speakers in modification projects..... (again i will have a look)

There is special acoustic matting that you can get to line the inside of the doors, i have been told it makes a big difference to the sound in the car (improving it) but it adds weight (the reason i never used it myself) - it lines the inside of the door and stops the "resonance" "drumming"/ "tinnyness", you choose the correct thickness so it does not interfere withe the window lifters/ innards of the door etc

It can increase the bass output of the Speakers too (by reducing unwanted out-of-phase radiation)


These are for studios and may fill up with water in some areas and are for mid/ treble but may still be useful


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Check out Dynamat for sound proofing. I have heard great things about it and plan to use it on my car.

This is an example of what another member did to his car:


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