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Petrol Cap Key Barrel


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Unfortunately the key barrel on my 1.4 fiesta Zetec is pretty seized up, been getting steadily worse and now to aping I'm concerned of the key breaking in it. Any suggestions how to fix? If I can avoid getting a new barrel that would be great as I'm sure they are very expensive.....

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If it is just that the lock is dry/ dirty inside then you can try giving it a good squirt of wd40 into the lock to loosen any dirt build up, but wd40 isn't a lubricant. After doing this however you can get a graphite based lubricant designed for any types of locks. It is very cheap and should be available at any hardware shop/internet. It usually has a cone shaped top to it for applying it into the lock. But you can also squirt it onto the key itself and keep putting it in and out of the lock which will help the wafers/pins/springs in the lock to free up. Hope this helps :)

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