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Rough Engine 1.6 Petrol


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I have just driven from Derby to Nottingham on the a52 which is a dual carriageway. I was doing upwards of 50 mph due to traffic, but the engine felt like it had no power. When I accelerated hard in 4th gear the car hardly moved. Just didn't feel right when accelerating through the gears. The engine was making a louder than usual noise but it felt like it was bogged down. Also I noticed when I was in heavy traffic in Derby City centre when In first and second gear the car was very jolty and wasn't smooth at all. Not had these problems before. Though I have only owned the car for a month.

The car has been serviced recently at the garage I brought it from also the car has done just over 40000 miles

The only other thing could be that I put some v power in the other day and it's felt a bit rough since then.

My focus is a 2010 1.6 petrol zetec

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Could be the coil pack gone as that would cause a misfire and the engine to run rough, my old 1.8 had those symptoms and hardly went over 50mph. Has the engine warning light come on?

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The coil wiring is a known issue on these if its a ti vct it could be the cam pulley wheel or the timing sensors if not coil leads and plugs its best having it looked at to save money no point replacing the coil and leads if its a broken wire

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