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Going To Start Wrapping

Gary Minty Jupe

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Hi guys im now laid up for post op recovery for at least the next month :wacko: so the wrapping is going to begin, I have removed the easy bits lol (cd surround and climate switches)

can anyone tell me the best way to remove center console and garage door ?

many thanks Gary

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have you got access to a Haynes manual as its all in there?

if memory serves correctly, you need to remove four torx screws and the unit lifts off. use the search feature at the top right of the page as I am sure this has been answered before and it may get you an answer more quickly :)

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Under my signature there's info on removing the centre console top cover.

Ashtray then pulls out from the bottom first, it's only the back edge of the top cover holding it in place.

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i got my wrap off eBay you can get cheap stuff but i got the proper 3m di-noc which costs a bit more

30cmx100cm £14+£4 p&p this size was just enough and i mean just enough

all you need is a nice sharp blade a cloth and a hairdryer and 3 hands at some points

i never used a squeegee but some people do, have a look on you tube at vinyl wrapping and have a go

the good thing is you can take it off and start again if you mess up

for £18 and some time you cant go wrong

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