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Power Fold Wing Mirror Help


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Hi. First time poster just joined today to ask for some help. Posted this in the general electronics thread but thought it might be better here.

I own an M reg Ford Fiesta which has the function where your wing mirrors fold in automatically upon locking the car and then out again when unlocking.

However I recently took it to a valet car wash service and, ever since, the auto fold has stopped working. I have a feeling the car wash guys pushed them out of alignment with the motor whilst cleaning them. This has happened once before but I was able to simply click them back in. Not this time though.

The annoying thing is we drove the car over to Barcelona the very next morning and are here for around 3 months, so I can't go back to the car wash place any time soon and demand they pay for any repairs.

Does anyone know how I might be able to fix it on my own, or how much I should expect to pay if I need a garage to do it for me.

Thanks for your help.

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