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Strange Noise/vibration When Accelerating


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Morning all.

Just thought i would throw this out and see what response i get.

I have a 2007 2.0l smax titanium 140. When i get i drive the thing i get a wierd vibration noise around 2000rpm, i can drive through it, and it goes away.

You can feel the vibration through the floor pan. and accelerator pedal.

I have just had the clutch and fly wheel replaced, and not sure if noise could be related to that?

not sure if the noise was there before as the clutch was so !Removed! noisy!

Any ideas before i go storming into the garage!


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Definitely get the engine mounts checked.

Friend of mine had a bad rattle on his C-max for weeks.

Last week it made a loud bang and a louder rattling noise so he stopped and called RAC and was diagnosed a missing engine mount bolt.

He walked back to where the bang occurred and found a bolt in the road.

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