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Buy A 1.4Tdci??

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I drive a 2001 focus 1.8tddi (131k) which is very reliable but have seen a 2004 fusion 1.4tdci (114k) and thought about buying it (actually already put down a £50 deposit) - reason is I want to get a smaller car with better fuel economy(52mpg v 64mpg recommended?)

is it a good car or bad? Most reviews (parkers, honest john, whatcar) I've read say its good and reliable but a nephew of mine who works in a motor factors shop says its not good cos its the same engine as Peugeot 1.4 diesel?

don't know to go for it or not - its in vgc and has fsh, timing belt done,etc and drives well

also when I viewed the engine (1st time seeing this engine) what is the strange thing at he front of engine like its made out of felt or something with screws in it not metal or plastic?

also the tops of the suspension struts in the engine bay the central 'hole' where the top nut is, is packed with grease??

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I bought a 1.4 TDCI at the end of april, nice car. About reliability i can't say anything about that yet.

The engine is a PSA engine, meaning it is made in conjuction with Peugeot/Citroen. It's indeed the same as in a 307, 206 or C2.

The felt thing you see in front of the engine is the heatshield of the turbo, the later versions, at least the Fiesta i know for sure, has a aluminium version or aluminium skin, that i dont know.

What i read on the internet is that if the engine fails (or the turbo) it is because it will plug up with soot. So the first thing i did was remove the DPF. Made a huge improvement in engine responsivness. Also partially blocked the EGR valve (it's electric so as far as i found it will generate a fault when you plug it completely. Still have to test that. Also that made a improvement in engine response, especially in the low rev department.

Cat is still in place (located just underneath the felt piece) but that will go also so the engine can breath freely.

As said, if you drive it on the motorway and the engine gets hot as it should be the soot won't kill you. If you drive like a old man the soot can kill the turbo and the engine due to that.

But if you remove the DPF and partially block (or tune it away in the software) the EGR valve it will lenghten the engine life.

Also oil change at the prescribed intervals (or before) will keep your turbo alive. (But that will be the same with you're TDDI i think)

That the top of the strutts are filled with grease is a good thing, mine were full of water and are terribly rusty. This is because if it rains or you wash the car water falls in the top of the strutts but it can't get out. Hence the rust or as in you're example, the grease to prevent the rust. (Good tip by the way, think i'm gonna fill mine with grease to! First Fertran, then grease)

As for fuel economy, i drive like an old man and i get around 56 mpg (almost no motorways but most 50 and 62 mile an hour (or 80 en 100 km/hr) Tires at 40 psi (2,8 bar)

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Had my 1.4TDci for 4 years now. Had a few issues with it most notably the injector seals. These were replaced under warranty so cost me

I now use the car for Business and regularly carry ladders on a roof rack.

I still return around mid 40`s on MPG with mixed driving this includes central London.

The plus points>

£30 Road Tax

Cheap insurance

Good MPG

Cheap to service at main dealer (Keeps the stamps going) or diy

Small size

great carrying capacity

The negatives.

Tyre prices (16 inch Alloys) (15s are cheaper)

Every screw and bolt is Torx

The engine bay is cramped (the starter motor is a ****** to replace)

No dedicated Haynes Manual

Would i buy another one .... YES!

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