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Oil Leak Tdci

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My focus has developed an oil leak, just seeking some advice.

I've popped off the top cover and have found oil around the (what I
think is) EGR Valve. Apologies for the massive photos, hopefully your
browser will resize them.


This is what I think is the EGR valve.

As you can see, this side is caked in oil.


I'm not sure if part of the pipe connected has broken. I am pointing to the area in question.


The EGR valve itself seems fine, but the pipe connected has a "chunk" missing. I've drawn a diagram on paint to explain.


There is a lot of oil around that bolt when you put your finger in
the missing "chunk". I thought this pipe was for exhaust gasses, but I'm
pretty sure the EGR valve does have oil running through it.

Could it be that heat has worn the pipe, making the chunk break out.
As the chunk has gone, the bolts arn't holding the seal well and the oil
is leaking?

I've tried to explain as best I can. I do my own basic repairs but
have had a previous focus die due to an oil leak I could not find.

Cheers in advance!

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Keep the level up and checked, try changing the pipe in question and clean the oil off, then just play the waiting game to see if she leaks again.

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I've had a few customers coming in with the same issue, The egr (exhaust recirculation valve) allows a certain amount of used gassess back into the engine for re-burn, in principle this lowers the emissions! in reality it can be a real pain. Oil coming through there would possibly come from the Turbo side, best practise would be to remove and check the inlet pipes, intercooler and the turbo feed pipe to check for oil contamination. If this has a lot of oil in there then suspect turbo issue. These EGR can be blocked off with a plate that fits on top of the plate that you showed in the pics. The plate that you described with the CHUNK out of it is the correct plate.

Hope this helps.

If you need anymore assistance then message me.

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