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failed emisions ford galaxy (over fueling)


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Hi, new to this site, I have a 2.0 DOHC galaxy that has failed emmisions, i have changed lambda, cat,air flow meter ££££ ouch. Car runs fine but is over fueling, I have a p1132 and have been getting a p230 diagnostic code, lambda constantly running at 0.9 volts. Air pump works fine. Car will now not start. Fuel pressure regulator? Crank senser? I would be greatful of any ideas.Thanks

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Hi mate, just looked on my autodata and it is'nt shownig a code for po1132, is there a number missing off your other code as they are usually 4 digits? let me know and i will check it for you.. oh, and what year is it?



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here is the technical bit

a P1130, P1131 or P1132 one might think there is a bad Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) and you may be correct... but not this time. A lot of HO2S's are sold but that does not correct the problem. Normally an HO2S sends out a voltage signal from .1V to .9V, or lean to rich. If the PCM gets a lean signal from the HO2S it will richen the fuel mixture to compensate. And if it gets a rich signal, it will lean out the mixture. The computer is looking for the ideal voltage signal of 5V from the HO2S.

This never happens so the HO2S signals ranges, or switches, up and down around the .5v Now when the mixture is so lean that the HO2S stays at the 0.1v or the 0.9v signal and the computer cannot lean or richen the mixture enough to compensate, you get the "Lack Of Switching" . There may be nothing wrong with the HO2S; in fact it's doing exactly what it's supposed to do. Replacing it will accomplish nothing, except confirm there is nothing wrong with it.

the most likely cause is the Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor but you say you have changed this so untill the other code is identified its hard to say whats wrong

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