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Car Is Being A Pain In The Butt Starting -.-


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Basically I've been having problems starting the ole oil burner.

When starting from scratch, it just won't start at all, turning the key back and fourth over and over, and will eventually start after 5 or 6 times. Sometimes it starts straight up, sometimes has this hissy fit.

Couple of times now after stalling, the car won't restart at all, which makes the car somewhat dangerous when crossing a junction, same thing as above.

Anyone got any ideas? My dealer says the first mentioned problem is normal? I've never noticed it on my previous Fiesta and never heard of anyone else having to do that to start a car, unless there's something broken >.<


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your dealer is lying about the first bit being normal mine starts first time every time. Is this happening to your new fiesta. I assume the car does turn over just doesn't strike up

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What no lights on the dash nothing.thats strange normally something happens no matter what's up with a up with them might be easier to just get it to run then take it to a different dealer or indipendent garage to sort might as it could be tricky to find if its not the battery and the ignition relay is pulling in

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