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Instrument Cluster/speedo (Mk2 Onwards)

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Evening All,

This is not strictly for a Focus, it is actually for a Kuga but they share the same basics. I am posting in there as I thought I would have more chance of getting an answer in this section.

This style instrument cluster


is fitted from 2005 to 2012/2013 in the Mk2 Focus, Kuga, C-max and Focus Cab.

From 2005 to late 2009 they all used the same cluster. Then in late 2009 all the above models used a new part number but the original didn't supersede to this new one.

So, somewhere Ford has made a change. Now I know on the later version you had the green change up arrow to help with economy but this is the only difference I can find? The early and later version all look the same and fit the same.

Which leads me on to the whole point of this, has anyone fitted a 2009-2013 instrument cluster to a 2005-2009 car? If so did it all work ok?

(The point to this story is that I have fitted the O.E Nav unit to my Kuga as it was one of the only extra's missing from it. Since I have fitted this, I want the large screen instrument cluster too. If the 2009-2013 cluster will work, it gives me much more chance of finding one off a breaker.)

Thanks in advance,


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I do believe others have upgraded the cluster without issue. do a quick search on the forum and you should find a few, but I do believe I know of about 3 or 4 who have done this with success.

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I have fitted a 2010 MK2.5 instrument cluster into my 2005 MK2.

My instrument cluster has a green shift light which is activated at approximately 6300 RPM (petrol version). The green Arrow is intended for the ECO shift-up function but this is only functional if the PCM supports it. On older PCM (hardware) versions which do not support ECO shift-up the green shift light will work exacly the same as the normal red shift light. Some PCM versions do not support the shift light function at all.

In my opinion you can use both instrument clusters.

If you buy a second hand instrument cluster the mileage of the cluster must be lower than your cars mileage. The mileage can only be changed upwards. You also have to reconfigure the instrument cluster with the correct settings for your car and because the instrument cluster is also part of the PATS (immobilizer) system you have to reprogram the PATS system and pair the instrument cluster with the PCM.

I have done all the reprogramming myself. If you want some more info please send me a message.

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Thanks for the reply, that is very helpful. I have found a cluster out of 2011 car, which has the later part number. So I may take a chance. hopefully it will work!

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