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Hi all,

I'm doing a bit of research into Ford, and was wondering if you knew of any other active Ford forums, or indeed complaints forums that would cover Ford?

Where would you go if you found an issue with Ford?



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The other forums are like this and offer advice to you but the only people who you can sort out any possible complaints with are Ford direct.

For any info though def check out.





but yeah often there aren't any employees so it is just advice

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Any problems with Ford should be dealt with initially through Ford customer service. As stated there'll be no-one on forums that can help you out directly.

Customer Relationship Centre

For any customer assistance on your existing product or service provided by Ford Motor Company, please contact the Customer Relationship Centre on 0845 841 1111

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I bought a new Mk 6.5 Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.25, on 30/09/08, and am now aware that FORD do not have a civilized attitude to customer relations, and have an unknown number of let-out clauses regarding the 3-year/ 60,000 mile warranty.

I have been with Toyota since 1994, but now I fear that after 12 months have passed, my warranty may be worth very little, with so much being dismissed as "trim", and outwith the terms.

Just how many firms just cover "drive-train" after the 1st year?

Can anyone clarify what IS covered beyond 12 months.

I have heard the Office Of Fair Trading are not very interested in claims of "not fit for purpose" when FORD are slipping out of honouring claims.

Even Toyota drafted in an ex-LEXUS senior executive to spear-head an improvement in their Customer-Relations Department.

Fiat group sacked 60% of its dealers, and replaced them, (also their Alfa network).

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