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Dress Up Kit...


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Hi, wondering if anyone could help.

I'm ordering my new fiesta zetec this weekend & I really would like to see a pic of what the dress up kit looks like if anyone has one?

Would be a great help

thank you

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Thank you for pics, got much better idea now. I'm so bad with decision making & really not sure what bits I would like on my car or even which one to get!

I get the ford privileges so can get a pretty good deal, I'm driving a vw golf gti 1.8 at the moment & I'm dreading going down to a 1.2 I think I'm going to miss a bit of power, but need something better on petrol as I drive all day for my job.

Thanks again though for pics :)

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You won't regret it. I traded my 2.5 225hp Focus ST and felt the same way until I went for a test drive in a 1ltr Focus and couldn't believe how good it was so ordered a Fiesta that day :)

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Well if you drive for your job either go for the 1l ecoboost or the 1.6 tdci depends on what mileage you do.

I went from a 1.8l focus petrol to a 1.6 tdci and I love every second

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