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Remote Boot Release Not Working On Dash Or Key, Fiesta Mk6


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Hello all,

FIrst post here so please be gentle. :huh: I have tried searching the forum but can't find any other post that answers my question, so here goes........

I can only open the boot with the key, neither of the remote releases work. I have removed the back panel and can see the actuators moving, but they don't seem to be able to pull the cables far enough to release the catch. Tried greasing up relevant parts in a vain attempt at fixing the problem.

Has anyone experience this problem, or does anyone have any ideas how to fix it? Tried googling to find the actual parts but no joy so far. :(


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Someone else had that same problem recently.

You will probably find that it's the release solenoid has gone duff.

The part you need is Finis (part) code 1481081 which is about £60 from Ford or to save a few quid this one is available on eBay-


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