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I would like to know if and where I could buy a 6 bolt boss adaptor kit to fit my 2010 (60 plate) focus zetec S 1.8 as I would like to upgrade to a smaller steering wheel with obviously being able to keep the airbag which as I've seen is possible when paying a little extra??? can anyone help me please.

P.S: preferably in the UK.

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Hello and welcome to the forum

Keeping the airbag is the problem - it is easy to kit a boss and a "racing" style steering wheel while ditching the airbag (the Jan 1212 changes to the MOT were going to make these a fail, but that was revised for rally cars, some streched limos etc, due to feedback - so you can MOT the car without an airbag - (if you wanted to))

The other problem is with the smaller wheel the indicator stalks etc can become too long for the wheel, and the reduced leverage makes the steering too heavy for parkling (at least when others are driving :lol: )

An option may be to find another smaller diameter OEM Ford wheel with an airbag that might fit (something like racing Puma? etc)

Where did you see the smaller wheel still with airbag?

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