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Fiesta 1.4 Tdci Cutting Out And Power Loss

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My Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 04 started playing up yesterday. I first noticed that in 1st and 2nd gears it seemed to loose a bit of power and was a bit jerky in acceleration but I could still get up to 70/80 mph and 3rd, 4th and 5th were fine. I have tried to reverse out of my drive (which is on a slope) and I cannot get out of the drive! Every time I try the car cuts out at around 1500 revs unless I depress the clutch.

I had a mechanic out to it today and he managed (with a lot of effort to get it off the drive), I thought it may be a clutch issue but he said he wasn't sure it was, he also said he thinks its electrical and then said it seems like a fuel problem and needed to recover it to fault find, which I cannot really afford and I'm not convinced about his honesty!
Most of the time it starts fine, I have had a few occasions where I've gone to start it and it turns once and cuts out but always starts the next time I try which is immediately after.
Any ideas would be much appreciated as I can't afford to get someone in to fault find!

Thanks in advance

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I'm wondering if the injectors would cause similar issues because it also has quite a noisy ticking which is there all the time but gets louder when I accelerate and the revs get up to over 3000

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When was the last time the fuelfilter was changed?

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Probably not but it was the first thing that came to mind. But i used to drive a oldtimer (Mercedes Benz 250D 1986) and there's no electronics in that.

First thing i think of as to electronics is your MAF sensor. After a bit of Googling i found this ( http://easyautodiagnostics.com/ford_maf/maf_sensor_ford_1.php and this http://easyautodiagnostics.com/ford_maf_escort/maf_test_tracer_1.php ), if you have a multimeter you can easily scheck it yourself. It's for different engines but a MAF sensor is a MAF sensor. And a link to clean your MAF sensor, worth trying first but just read it and maybe it will be the fix for you, i hope.

Also the symptoms are more or less the same.

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