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Fuse Keeps Blowing For The 12V Socket... Any Ideas??


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as explained in the title my fuse has blown twice for the 12v sockets... first time i thought nothing of it but i haven't plugged nothing in the socket for a while and when i went to charge my phone the other day found them not to be working again?!?

im not 100% what size fuse is in there but im sure it meets the recomendations... could it be worth increasing the fuse size or is that dangerous...

its a stupid question i know but its late and ive had a long day lolol

thank guys n gals

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Definitely don't increase the fuse size! Blowing a 20amp fuse is bad enough and as posted by others, it suggests you have a fault somewhere. Have a look in your cigarette lighter and make sure there isn't anything shorting out the socket. Also check that your charger or whatever device you're using isn't inadvertently shorting out the socket either.

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ok so changed the fuse... it was a 20a fuse so replaced it with the same... the first time it blew was when i bought and cigarette lighert to replace the stupid plastic cap ford balance on top... but the lighter was faulty and fell apart in the socket over heating and causing the fuse to blow...

once i got it out and screwed it all together i replaced the fuse and thought that was it but all of the element in the lighter is pretty chared...

im geussing maybe someone has tryed to use it and it has shorted the fuse again??

i only have it there for decoration


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