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Cree Front Fogs


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Right ladies n gents not been on here for a while due to work commitments so I do apologize if your all having withdrawals from me

Haven't had any time to do any mods lately either which is really annoying so I thought for a mini mod I'd finally get round to cree front fogs to get rid of the last bit of yellow light

Arrived today, tested and work beautifully

But then I discovered I had a problem..

I can't fit it in the hole..


I know many other focus owners have these so my question is how did you fit yours in? The hole on the fog light housing is too small so do I have to dremel it wider or what? Or is that even possible?

Help people

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ive got the same issue im not even going to dremel it as the fogs are bright but from what a mate has said they are useless in actual fog so rather than butcher the car i sent them back and bought super white xenon bulbs which are very bright if you dremel it the lugs will no longer have anywhere to catch so it will just rattle around even if you do get it fitting youll forever have to use the cree as nowt else will fit

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I have fitted Cree H11

But mine don't have the side spread LEDs thus why yours doesn't fit correctly,

If you can either get a refund and purchase osram for some proper light


Exchange for front led only cree H11

They look great but don't illuminate much to be honest

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grrr i didnt think the extra leds round the sides would mean it being wider

thought a lot of focus/fiesta owners already had cree front fogs n rated em so thought i'd get em aswell

only cost 13quid the pair so not much lost on em

might get some osram cool blue fogs then but tbf i only really wanted the cree's for the brightest whiteness which the osrams wont be as white as

to save not starting another topic, i also bought a mondeo courtesy light surround with the built in sunglasses holder, but looking at it now i think it may actually be too buku for my roof liner

think i've saw threads of other focus owners fitting this, can it actually be done?

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My Cree H11s definitely have LEDs on the side of them, but I can't remember if they were the single long-type LED or multiple small ones. I don't know how they fitted either though as I just sent them in to the bodyshop when they were fitting my kit and asked them to fit them in the new ST fogs. They never mentioned any problems with fitting them but I could take a closer look tomorrow.

As for the the interior light panel, I much preferred the Mondeo one too. I know it has been done as I commented on a thread about it, but can't seem to find it at all!

Those bulbs look the part by the way Arthur!

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the front fogs i ordered are h8's, cause it had factory h8's in to start with

whats the differece between h8 and h11?

i know a focus owner fitted the mondeo unit cause he put a photo of it in my guide to fitting a rear camera lol, just waiting for him to get back to me

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