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What Model Is A 2007 Focus


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As above, it's a Mk2, which ran from 05-mid 08, then the Mk2.5 facelift from 08-11 I think, with the different bumpers, lights, bonnet, hatch, wing mirrors etc.

They did the same with the previous shape Mk1 Focus, giving it a facelift (Mk1.5) in 02 I think.

That's the generally accepted reference, but you do get others (especially eBay sellers it seems so beware if/when buying mods/parts!) who use a different system!

Basically, we refer to Mk1, Mk1.5(facelift), Mk2, Mk2.5(facelift), Mk3 (newest model) where others will just call them Mk1-Mk5...but they're wrong of course! ;)

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yeah eBay refer to mk 2 as mk3 2.5 as mk4 and mk3 as mk5 easier on eBay to go by the years so 2004-2007 or 2005-2010 depending on parts since mk2 and 2.5 use the same parts apart from those mentioned above

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