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Couple Issues With 1996 (P) Fiesta Si

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Hi all I have a couple issues with my car. I bought it from a dealer and he's abit of a !Removed! and doesn't want to help out much.


- fuel gauge doesn't set back to 0 when ignition off, it also moves when it wants to so I suspect the sensor has gone in the fuel tank..

- reversing light doesn't work. Bulb is fine as works fine in other unit.. I suspect it's the reversing switch.

How hard/expensive would you say it would be to get this fixed?

I'm okay when it comes to this stuff but if its too difficult then I'll get someone else to do it.

All advice is welcome :)

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pretty sure the fuel guage is designed like that so dont think its an issue [not returning to zero i mean}

not sure what you mean by move when it wants to...slight variations of the needle is fairly normal

changing the reverse light switch is a simple task, think the switch is on front face of box as you look under the bonnet, and can be done from above so no need to raise the car.

if you want to test the switch, just remove the wiring plug from it and bridge the two wires together on the loom side. turn the ignition on and see if light is working...

if light is on, switch is kaput

if no light then you have a wiring problem

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The Fuel Sender Unit may be sticky, drive your car over bumpy terrain and that should allow you to shake the sender loose.

Not sure that the switch is your issue here, I suspect that your looking more at a bad earth or a possibly corroded area of the bulb holder. Start with the basics, and check this first, then to test the earth, get a piece of wire, tie the metal to the bulb holder and then press it against a clean (unpainted) metal surface on the chassis, if its an earth issue the light should return, only then if this fails, consider replacing the switch.

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