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Hello All, I Am New Hear.


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Hi to all.

I am new hear and I have only been driving for about 8 months. I am now 27 years of age so I started late.

I own a Ford Fiesta Mk4 1996 in dark green and 16 previous owners which is my first ittar that i had got for a early christmas gift.

I have been looking for another car but all the cars iv driven don't feel as nice or fun to drive. The feel of the little car feels great though the steering. It is just a Shell and engine and it feels great to drive, I have driven other cars like,

Vauxhall Vectra 1.6L

Skoda Fabia (very bad)

Ford Focus 2002 TDDI 1.8L

Ford Ecoboost 2012 1.0L

I have driven a few others but I still havent found a car as fun to drive than my Fiesta mk4 1.3

I have found my fiesta to be the most fun to drive but it just doesnt have enough power, it is 17 years old now and I would like to know or easy ways to gain a few more bhp from the old engine. When I got the car it already had a larger exhaust and seems to have been lowered. I changed the tyres from 155 to 165 for a Touch of extra grip. Basically id like to gain more power or maybe find the bhp that it would have lost over time.

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