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Horror Stories

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The best one I have is with a Mondeo work car.

We had a slight miss hap involving some road cones, a lorry and a sleeping driver!

To cut it short our Mondeo was side swipped and ended up with both doors, wings damage.

We had it recovered to a local Ford dealer.

After 3 weeks wait i got a phone call to say they where about to look at it.


another 2 weeks later they phoned me to say that they were not sure on what the damage was, so i ended up going down there, it's not hard to miss the damage!

When i get to the garage i find them looking at a Focus not our Mondeo.... :unsure:

So after a lot (lots and lots) of argument and shouting i find out that the whole time they where actually looking at the wrong car!! :angry::angry:


Our Mondeo was stolen out of their yard and torched around the corner and they had not noticed!!!


Our lawyers sent them court action and they sent back a out of court settlement, 3 brand new fully specked Mondeo's and a Focus for me!! :D :D B)

A very bad start but a good finish!!


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i've had some beauty's , you would not believe , most expensive was a ford dealership, booked it in for a standard service , got a phone call ,need new front discs and pads , ok , ring me when its ready.

5.00pm still waiting , ring them , yes your cars ready, forgot to ring you, have to catch a taxi there before it shuts, when i get there an old banger is parked right in front of my car, i mean it was a piece of !Removed! , i thought thats strange , went to the desk and waited ages before they presented me with my bill , which came to £875.00 ! :ph34r: . went mad and that's putting it politely , loads of stuff done without asking , wouldn't give me keys unless i paid , they knew they had ripped me off and thats why they parked the old banger in front of it to stop me driving off in it. rang up year after the cheeky b-----ds to book it in for service , told em where to go. you live and learn.

ive had front wheel bearings replaced and they haven't tightened the hub nut up, driving along , wheels hanging off.

steering rack replaced and not centralized, imagine your sterring wheel up side down , one turn right , 3 left .

tracking, rear wheel bearings, tyres, you name it they will try rip you off on anything. there was one garage near me that used to get its front show room window put through every week, they were fighting with customers because they were that bad, police where there all the time.

I have never got my head round it why garages do this, they must know that their reputation will kill them off in the end, learning to maintain your own car is the best thing you can do, although obviously you need garages for major work. and for the good news , my wife found a small family garage run by father and son and they restored my faith in people, their polite and don't rip you off, great pair of blokes. glad to get that little rant off my chest :rolleyes:

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