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New Here And Need Helo From More Experienced Ford Owners


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Hi all

I am new to this forum and have only had my 2006 Ford Focus sport for a month.

It is such a nice driving car.

I have a problem though, that I am hoping I can get help with.

The warrantee expired yesterday. After I filled up, the car in the afternoon started jerking a little, when accelerating on a straight road. It only did it a little, and then was fine again. This morning, I switched the car on and the check engine light was suddenly on. I ran the self-diagnostic check on the panel, and it came up with seemingly no error codes.

About 10min after this, I switched the engine on again, and the light was off.

Any advice on what this could be, and how one can fix it?

Thanks a million!

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Its typical that it starts playing up the day after the warrantee runs out

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