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Oil Additive Extralube Zx1... Would You Use?

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Hi all

I am looking to give my ford focus 2010 and bit of extra protection as i do very low miles and most of engine wear occurs when running the engine cold and short stop start journeys.

I have been looking for an oil additive and i have stumbled upon this item, its called the extralube zx1, its slightly different to other oil additives as it doesnt affect or use the oil in any way, it attaches itself to metal parts in the engine and provides extra protection to friction and rubbing (other oil additives change the oil and can make it thicker)

All the reviews i have read so far seem to be really praise this item.

It also claims to make the engine quieter, run more smoothly and increase mpg.

here is a link to the halfords website, though i am sure you could buy it cheaper elswhere.


Finally, would this be ok and a 1.6 petrol engine (duratec)

Personally i cant see it doing any damage to the engine or should i avoid

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Reminds me too much of Slick50

I would give anything like this a very wide bearth, if you want to protect your engine, give it frequent oil/ filter changes, and use quality oil and genuine or "premium" filters

Im going to invent a substance that will clean out injectors, pumps, filters and manifolds, clean out the oil and fix sticking VNT vanes, worn valve guides and bores, you don't even have to squirt it into the inlet, you just sprinkle it on the closed bonnet - im not sure if i should call it fairy dust or snake oil - do you think £68 per litre would be too much?

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cannot be used on the 1.6 ti vct engine no oil additives can and to be honest they dont need to be if decent oil is used on the service ford now use shell oil that does all this anyway

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As above, I'd avoid anything other oil being poured into it...

Eurocarparts have (yet another) sale on with some reasonable prices on Castrol oils (including the Magnatec with the "Recommended by Ford" and the Blue Oval)

That's not to say you can't find other quality oils and/or cheaper

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