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Hello all,

Got a question. My mot is due in jan and that's when my warranty runs out...anyways I'm after a bluefin for my 1.6tdci. I'm looking for bit more power but wanting it to be more driver friendly. Has anyone had there car mapped with PDFs? I found out that having it removed isn't an mot failure as it isn't a cat. It's a filter and also as its a general visual inspection of the casing. As long as that's there it will pass right?

How much power would I gain. And fuel economy? I'm currently at 63.8 with just over 30k on the clock.

Sorry if I sound all over the place just had a operation.

Many thanks...

Oh by the way I have blanked my egr and also have a kn. would that make difference to map?

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Hi, the remap / bluefin (basically a serial port remap you load yourself) would give you a significant and noticable power/ torque gain -


141Hp and almost 300Nm claimed - a big difference from the 110 or even the 120Hp Superchips measured from the stock car

Generally, there is a big performance gain but a small MPG improvement

Deleting the DPF would not give such a big gain, probably just a few HP, (and a small MPG advantage) but deleting the DPF is a sensible thing to safeguard against future problems, and for long term reliability

Yes - you can delete the DPF and still pass a UK MOT

The cost of the delete is weighed against the cost of (future) DPF replacement etc, the presense of the DPF can have a "knock on" negative effect on things like (potentialy) contaminating the oil, or causing future turbo failures

The DPF has to be electronically deleted as well as phisically deleted, there are companies that do this, and can remap the car as well as fit a full stainless steel exhaust system - (the whole package) - expensive though

Blanking the EGR should not effect the map, apart from keeping the inlet manifold clean, preventing the valve from failing and helping the turbo spool up a little quicker

You already have an exellent MPG, doing the remap+ DPF delete would probably only increase the MPG by a few MPG (of course it depends how you drive), but boost the power/ torque making it like a different car to drive (faster & more responsive, more pulling power up the hills etc - making your 1.6L more like it has a 1.8 or a 2.0L engine)

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Hi, I ran a Mk4 Mondeo 2.0l diesel for over two years, same maintenance free dpf setup, with no ill-effects. As the remap is based uon the cars original map I can't see why any issues would arise.

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Right ok sounds very good..... Because I recently got a quote from long life exhausts who are based in Basingstoke which is 30mins from me and for a dpf delete remap and full exhaust with the cat intact would be 900 all in and I'll see if I could squeeze a dyno run on there. I have other plans for it but this is a car I pay monthly for and then pay a bubble at the end. I've got two years left nearly and warranty runs out in Jan which is why I'm doing all research as possible. But looking around everyone seems to have 1.8 mess around with those instead of 1.6. But with increased power would I consider looking at slightly better clutches. They all wear out eventually but more power would mean wear out quicker.. I'd only be driving it as I normally do. Just after better drive and more reliable to be honest.

Also thinking of intercooler. Heard that the standard st intercooler fits but what about plumbing it in? I'm new to all this tuning. There willbe picks of my car soon. Just waiting for slight cooler weather for a full detail :)

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