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Ford Fiesta Lx 04 Pre Facelift Questions


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Just a few questions regarding some future upgrades I wish to do with my fiesta. I appreciate all advice / help. Thanks in advance.

Firstly, i would like to paint the air vents 'cirlces' around the actual vent, im sure people know what I mean, on the facelift models its easy to remove them i know, but my fiesta is pre facelift, I know people who have done this I just don't know how to go about it. I heard you have to remove the dash? If so how?

Secondly, both my front and back bumpers are cracked slightly, they are the black plastic bumpers. I want to change these to the Zetec bumpers. Is this possible? Do they fit? If so how much would people recommend spending on a front and back bumper?

Also, if I was to purchase these bumpers, what would be a good price to get them fitted, and possibly sprayed to match the colour of my car (if they were'nt already that colour).



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Use a touch up pen to paint the rings much easier than stripping out the dash and looks as good just take your time and in regards to the bumpers yes its just a straight swap if you can fire ill get you a couple of links

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Thanks alot for all the info and links. I am going to ring up some local scrapyards tomorrow, If i have no luck in finding any in good condition ill most likely buy that bumper set. Thanks again.

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