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Fitting Alternator Belt


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The alternator belt on my mk3 1.3 recently snapped, i noticed when the temperature was up really high so pulled voer.

First thing.... obviously the temperature didnt just shoot up immediately when the belt broke, i imagine it would take a few minutes? Am i right in assuming that as the car was still running fine when i pulled over then there shouldn't be any major damage due to overheating? or can the engine seize after cooling down? i'm pretty sure it should be ok as the car was behaving completely normally other than being very hot but thought it would be good to get a second opinion...

Next thing... is it easy to replace the belt... i have had a look and there is a belt in the way of the pulley wheel that drives the belt, is this the power steering belt perhaps? and also is there a particular way the belt goes or does it just loop around the drive, water pump and alternator pulleys?

If anyone could give me any advice on if its a simple job or if i should steer clear of it that would be great. if it is a simple job if you could let me know a basic procedure that would be great, im fairly profficient with the tools so hopefully i can figure most of it out if its not too demanding.



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